Saturday, October 29, 2011

Long time no blog! Okay, sorry that was cheesey!

Happy Halloween!
I have a few cakes to post this time.  

~The Spooky Spider Cake~
This is the amazing really good chocolate cake recipe that I have posted on here, sadly I burnt this cake a little.  I trimmed off 99% of the burnt cake.  If it had been for someone else I would have trashed it and rebaked for me I'll just eat around the burnt parts.  It's only a small part of the bottom that burned.

I'm really loving this cake!  It was the super easy Bunnywoman's butter cream frosting recipe:
Seriously, amazing icing!  

The web and the spiders were fun and easy to make too!  

~Liam's Birthday Party Cake!~
My son turned 3 earlier this month and he wanted a Curious George party, which of course I gleefully planned.  I love planning!  I made this whole cake except the George which is plastic.  The icing is butter cream (Bunnywoman's recipe).  The cake is chocolate.  It is a 4 layered cake, which is why it looks so tall!  It was supposed to be a tiered cake but my pans where too close in size.  It was a great cake and a fun party!

~Liam's 3rd Birthday Cake!~

I happened to be off work on Liam's actual birthday so he requested a monster cake!  I'm always happy to make a cake!  This was frozen butter cream left over from his over cake.  The eyes and teeth are candy I had in the house.  Does it look like a monster to you?  Liam, the birthday boy, approved.  This was just a box mix cake I had in the pantry.  

Thanks for looking!
Cake out,

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