Thursday, November 24, 2011

Gobble, Gobble! Happy Thanksgiving!

Where do I begin...Martha Stewart and I have a love/hate relationship.  I've read her magazine for years and watched her show for just as long.  Martha and all her staff make the most complex baking project look  like a cake walk!  So, thanks to Martha's November issue of Living I had this idea to incorporate homemade salted caramel into my favorite chocolate cake.  It my mind this sounded easy...haha!

Yes, this is nearly a gallon of homemade salted's the best tasting carmel I've ever had.  All hail Martha!  I only used the carmel part of the recipe here:

I made two batches of the Wilton Chocolate Buttercream.  It's amazing, as always!

One of the 4 - 9 inch cakes I used.  I made two separate "cakes"; one for my side of the family and one for the hubbie's side of the family.  Each cake was 4 torted layers.  

Cake #1: Note to self - When you have a liquid like filling pipe 2 thick dams of icing.  This first cake leaked carmel a bit.  I managed to clean it up so it still looked good.  The second cake was perfection! 

Cake #2: Here you can see my double layer dam of buttercream holding the carmel in the middle.  

Cake # 2 for hubbie's side!  I loved it!

Cake #1: This is supposed to be a turkey on the cake.  I don't really think it looks like one, but it was for my 3 year old niece who wanted "turkey cake with a picture of a chicken on it".  I had no time or plan for a turkey on a cake, but this made her happy.  Oh, and the turkey has a thought bubble that says, "Don't eat me!"

This cake was so amazing the carmel soaked into the layers, it was moist, it was caramel, it was chocolate, and it's gone!  Both cakes were devoured!  I need to make this one again for sure!

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