Sunday, November 6, 2011

Christmas Menu!

Christmas Menu & Pricing
Monster Cookies - $11.00 per dozen – These cookies are full of M&M’s, chunky peanut butter, and chocolate chips, all held together in a yummy oatmeal cookie.  I can add raisins for an additional $1 per dozen.
All Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies - $9.00 per dozen– Homemade from scratch, a butter-based cookie full of chocolate chips.  This recipe is a family secret…shh!
Peanut Butter Cookies – $9.00 per dozen – Full of peanut buttery goodness!
Rolo Cookies- $10.00 per dozen – Chocolate cookies rolled in sugar with a rolo candy tucked inside…need I say more.
Kiss Cookies- $10.00 per dozen – Peanut butter cookies topped with a chocolate kiss.
Snickerdoodles- $9.00 per dozen – A holiday favorite rolled in cinnamon and sugar!
All cookies are made to order.
I need at least 3 days notice for all cookie and cake orders.
A minimum order for 3 dozen cookies is required.
Eggnog Cake – 9 in.– 10 to 12 servings – Moist and soft with a light eggnog flavor frosting in a vanilla-eggnog butter cream.  Red and green layers on the inside with Christmas decoration on the outside!  A festive Christmas cake!  Price $ 25.00

Candy Cane Cake – 9 in. – 10 to 12 servings – Rich chocolate cake layered with peppermint butter cream icing, then wrapped in more peppermint butter cream icing, and finished with a Christmas decoration!  This cake is chocolate-mint yumminess!  Price $ 25.00

Red Velvet Cake - 9 in. - 10-12 servings - This is the cake I dream about, rich chocolate flavor wrapped in sweet cream cheese frosting.  Decorated for Christmas!  Price $27.00

Other cakes are available during the Christmas season, just ask! 
Please, place cake orders at least one week in advance. 

Delivery is extra and limited based on my time!  Your welcome to pick up at my house for no extra charge!  We’d love to see you!  Email me:
Thank you for your order!  

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