Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Life is more fun when you live like a kid!

I bugged a pastry chef friend, who I went to high school with, for a good fondant recipe.  She was awesome enough to email me the Wilton marshmellow fondant recipe that she really likes.  And because I wanted to try the new fondant recipe and because my sister's husband is turning the big 28 tomorrow we have the Super Mario cake!
It's like my childhood come to life!  All my friends played this game!  Tell me you did too!  This was my first run at decorating a cake this complicated.  All the decorations are butter cream except the red plant and Mario, which are fondant.  The cake is white cake from the Betty Crocker Cookbook, this cookbook is like a cooking bible, I use this book all the time.

I'm super proud of this cake!  It tastes good too, I had to trim some off to get the layers even!  So, Happy Birthday Uncle Nick!  We hope it's a good birthday!
Cake love, Amanda

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